Classes for 2017


Are you interested in enrolling your daughter for the 2017 Physie year? Or perhaps you would like to give Physie a go yourself?

There are 3 ways to enrol in classes with Tamworth Physie Club:

Attend our registration day on the 2nd February, 2017 from 4.30pm to 5.30pm at St Patrick’s Hall Denison St, Tamworth.


Attend your first lesson (classes are determined by age) where you will be introduced to your teacher and welcomed into the class. You will be provided with a registration form to complete and given further details about the 2017 physie year.


Fill in the enrolment enquiry and have your daughters/your name placed on the class list. We will see you at your first lesson where you will be introduced to your teacher, welcomed into the class and be provided with a registration form.

If you’re new to Physie your first lesson is FREE!

The class schedule can be found on the Timetable page.

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